Ask Brand new Nuwaupians, Just who and you may what are the Anunnaqi?

Ask Brand new Nuwaupians, Just who and you may what are the Anunnaqi?

Malachi York, consistent with various other industry pseudo college student Zecharia Sitchin, York parrots the brand new fallacy your “Anunnaqi” was people who “Anu sent to Planet.”

These statements was a confirmation that York try entirely shed and you can understood absolutely nothing about this topic and therefore misinformed his clients about .qi “people who Anu sent down off paradise so you’re able to earth”

The fresh support documents having d-a-nun-na, and those people to have dingir-gal-girl while the remaining portion of the said titles try exclusively characterized when you look at the literary texts. They are not said in almost any management records that has to would into the choices supplied to individuals gods. There are even zero temples that have been made holy for the Anunna and other of the numerous jesus groupings. This shows that those regarding the veneration of your Anunna did not have a huge affect people strategies.

dingir-a-nuna =NUN, before the plural suffix of your personal mode –ene a good-nuna-ke-ne31. Sporadic spellings instead of goodness-determinative can be found in brand new inscriptions off Gudea which have a couple of conditions. Also they are found in texts which for all of us lie within the old-Babylonian customs. not, you to definitely does not see them when looking at the latest incantation texts of the fresh new Ur III day and age, and just seldom from inside the afterwards messages. The spelling danuna, which is native to the existing-Sumerian orthography, appears twice on the Gudea-inscriptions, which is a lot more common throughout the dated-Babylonian transcriptions. Brand new texts off after root are often printed in accordance having the younger normal kind of brand new Akkadian, dingir-a-nun-na-ki unlike d-a-nun-na-ke-(e-) ne da-nun-na-ke

He deal brand new epithet out of NUN. Their city is also recognized which have NUNki . Individuals who are said into the a classic invocation named a great-nun-na-eriduki…danuna of section of Lagas? as well as the danuna of Nippur were because of the the period already attested to.

Because the dad of one’s Anuna, “An”, Anu in Akkadian, the best jesus of your Sumerian governing pantheon must usually are available. A passageway regarding the “Lamentation away from Aruru”, seven of master gods, An, Enlil, Ninlil, Enki, Ninmah, Nanna, and you can Utu went to the female gods.They may not, please them (nu-mu-ni-in-hun-e).

1-11. Then though, about months when heaven and you will earth were created; when it comes to those evening, throughout the nights when eden and you may world manufactured; when it comes to those age, regarding decades if the fates was indeed determined; in the event that Anuna gods was basically created; in the event the goddesses was indeed consumed relationship; if goddesses was indeed distributed inside the heaven and you can planet; when the goddesses …… became expecting and offered delivery; if the gods was obliged (?) …… the dinner …… restaurants places; the fresh new older gods oversaw the job, because small gods had been bearing the fresh toil. The latest gods was indeed looking this new rivers and piling up the new silt during sudy the ?arali. The newest gods, crushing the newest clay, first started worrying regarding it life.

Anuna ?(Gods, the) seeds/semen of your own First try, suits the fresh claim that new genitive dating need certainly to can be found

The newest Anuna inside or any other Sumerian pills does not make use of the term, “Anunnaqi” as there are No Sumerian text bringing up, .qi “people who Anu delivered off from paradise to earth”

is similar to own sky, paradise or deity, Anu and additionally bares this sign. It’s used in the brand new preposition because the good determinative (classifier) before divine brands.

This is basically the same in the example of danuna since it is a great divine title. We consulted Sumerologist Dr. John Halloran and then he tells us one to,

To respond to practical question, that are the initial and you will what exactly is their experience of NUN,‘ you’re cause Enki out of Eridu

da-nun-na(-ke4-ne): the fresh new gods general; brand new gods of netherworld, when compared to the dnun-gal-e-ne, the great gods of paradise.” John Halloran

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